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Halco Max

Halco Max

This cutting edge bibless minnow can do the lot, be it jigging casting or trolling. Max has a highly streamlined design that gives unbeatable casting ability while allowing trolling speeds of up to 12 knots for the Max 130 and in excess of 20 knots for the Max 190 with minimal trolling resistance. The slender tail section is designed for maximum hook exposure on the strike. Max represents the lure of the future.

When casting Halco Max 130 into deeper water, vary the time you allow the lure to sink before starting the retrieve so the lure covers the different depths where fish could be holding. Work the lure back at speed for best results.

The Halco Max 190 is designed for heavy high speed spinning and trolling, It is ideal for large salt water predators such as tuna, mackerel and wahoo. With extra heavy side walls for maximum strength and the slender profile allows trolling speeds in excess of 20 knots, features Mustad Inline 7/0 singles for the ultimate hook holding ability.

Max is also a great lure to troll while traveling from spot to spot due to its high speed characteristics.

Max was named the Best New Hard Body Lure at the 2007 Australian Tackle Show.

Product reviews

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  YFT Killer
Submitted by Isaac from Mazatlán, México on 12/03/15
Certified member, Verified buyer
All members of the Thunnini tribe that swim by this area, love this lure! Stripey color is amazing, and just tested this new Chrome Pink last weekend, and proved to be just as good! Will switch to single hooks once the trebles are worn out!
Submitted by Cary Lemas from Roseville, ca on 08/17/14
This is an amazing lure. Every turn on troll we caught a tuna. I Mede lots of friends on the by letting them borrow my rod with the Halco pink and chrome. They caught a Tuna every time as fast as 1 minute on troll. I was banned from troll on the last day. I have purchased the entire collection. Highly recommended.
  Max 130 gets Mauled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Submitted by Rick. Q from Anaheim on 07/18/14
These lures are unreal. On my recent 5 day this was the LURE. The crew wanted to buy this from me before I got of.. 30 Bluefin/yellowfin on the same lure....are you kidding me....load up as these are hot!

Look at this photo! Lure is trashed...Thanks Melton Tackle for recommending this lure!
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