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Para-Tech Sea Anchor

Para-Tech Sea Anchor

No independent craft should venture offshore without the security and peace of mind afforded by a Para-Tech Sea Anchor. In the event of an emergency, a Sea Anchor allows a skipper to limit contingencies, fix problems, and protect their passengers, themselves, and their vessel. With sails down or engine out your boat will tend to become unstable, sideways, rolling sickeningly with rails being buried in the troughs - a Sea Anchor forces the bow back into the seas and restores stability. Also a “must have” for nighttime drift fishing. Remarkably easy to use, the Para-Tech bag is simply tossed overboard with the Sea Anchor inside - the Sea Anchor deploys automatically.

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  The Best Sea Anchor
Submitted by David Brackmann from Cabo San Lucas, MX and Huntington Beach, CA on 09/09/14
I have used the Para-Tech sea anchors on my boats for many years with great results. Clean system, that deploys and stores easily. It is a great tool while out drifting to keep a boat into a head sea while offshore spending the night and if you ever had a breakdown and had to wait offshore for a tow -knock on wood so far.

David Brackmann
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