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Los Jigs Shimano Butterfly Flat-Side

Los Jigs Shimano Butterfly Flat-Side

Los nuevos jigs Shimano Butterfly Flat-Side han sido innovado y actualizado de los jigs regulares, para tener la mejor acción en caulquier situación. El diseño del peso trasero/central de balanza le permite caer el jig rápidamente con una recuperación extraordinaria.

Product reviews

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  demersal Jig
Submitted by Troy from Perth on 11/29/12
Certified member, Verified buyer
i have to agree with Whitey. I'm a convert to jigging and shimano should start selling these in Australia
  Butterfly flat side killing it in west australia
Submitted by Rob M from Jurien bay western australia on 07/16/12
Certified member, Verified buyer
I've have been skippering and working deck on a well known charter boat working on the west Australia coast and have been using butterfly flat side jigs in the 140 and 168 exclusively and can honestly say they out perform any other jig on the market for our demerables fishes. They are the jigs to beat. Please recommend them for the Australia market since they are unavailable in Australia at the moment.
  No. 1 Diemersal Jig
Submitted by Capt Whitey from Jurien Bay Western Australia on 10/17/11
Certified member, Verified buyer
I opperate a Fishing Charter in Jurien Bay, specializing in Vertical jigging. I have been using the flat siders for the past 3 months, after 30 years of fishing these jigs have accounted for several "PB's including a 20.3kg Dhue Fish, a 24kg Mulloway and a 100kg Thresher Shark, with out a dout my "go to' jig, " Capt Craig White"
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