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Trolling Shark Lures

Trolling Shark Lures

Threshers and Makos can’t stay off the Leadmasters trolling shark lures. Run deep off a downrigger or straight off the rod tip and slow troll around bait balls or temp breaks at 3-4 knots. Comes rigged on 275 lb. cable and double 10/0 hooks. Designed to be run with strip bait, whole bait, or trolled alone. These lures are deadly and a must have for the serious Shark troller. 16 oz. and 16" in length.

PLEASE NOTE: This product contains LEAD, a chemical known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects and other reproductive harm.

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  Throw and Go!
Submitted by Johnny Walker from Boston on 04/23/10
Certified member, Verified buyer
One of the most effective and deadly shark trolling lures in SoCal and around the Globe; hook a live or dead mack and toss it over and it will will run deep or use on your downrigger to get way down!.
Swap out the hook and cable for bigger fish and tournaments.
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