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Williamson Jet Poppers

Williamson Jet Poppers

Williamson Jet Poppers feature a very large cupped face that creates an exceptionally loud "POP" and smoke trail that fish find irresistable. Williamson Jet Poppers cast with the ease of a bullet shaped lure, but features fantastic stability on the retreive, making these popper lures easy to work across the surface. Heavy duty 300 lb. swivels connect your line directly to the lure and ultra-strong oval split rings ensure you won't lose your fish due to component fatigue during battle.

Product reviews

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Submitted by ATGER DERRYL from TAHITI, FRENCH POLYNESIA on 10/20/14
In a few words, the williamson jet poppers red and white is totally awesome, it works very well on the Giant Trevally
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