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Tactical Tackle Dancin' Dolphin Teasers

Tactical Tackle Dancin' Dolphin Teasers

Introducing the Dancin’ Dolphin II, a truly innovative approach to the art of trolling lures. The Dancin' Dolphin II looks and swims like a live "schoolie" Dolphin. Its durable rattling head and moving eyes draw in predators from great distances and it looks and sounds alive even under the closest scrutiny. The patent-pending swim fins are adjustable to control the lure's running depth and the wiggling, kicking rubber tail section can be replaced in a snap without re-rigging. Both the Original Dancin’ Dolphin and Dancin’ Dolphin II are available Unrigged as a teaser or Rigged with a 12/0 7731 Mustad hook as a serious big lure!

This product either has been deleted or is no longer carried by Melton Tackle
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