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Williamson Live Goggle Eye

Williamson Live Goggle Eye, rigged, in Blue
Goggle Eye, Scad, whatever the local name is for this fish species, it is one of the best baits for big game fish. With an extra large holographic eye and swimming paddle tail action, the Live Goggle Eye is so life-like it will even fool the most wary of fish. The Williamson-patented wing design allows this lure to run up to 7 knots and the patented "Hook Lock" system ensures perfect hook presentation and maximum strike efficiency.

Features include: Patented wing and tail design, Unique, fast swimming action up to 7 knots, Holographic 3D eye, Embedded life-like holographic foil, Patented hook locking system, Pre-rigged with VMC 9/0 Perma steel hook, and 6 feet 130lb. Sufix Premium Monofilament.
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