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Woody Wax Brushes
Woody Wax Hand Brush
Woody Wax 8" Bi-Level Deck Brush

Woody Wax Brushes

WOODY WAX DECK BRUSH: When sprayed directly with Woody Wax, this large 8" bi-level deck brush puts just the right amount of wax on your decks without wasting the wax by being absorbed into the sponge or cloth applicators. A brilliant brush to use strictly for your Woody Wax products to eliminate contamination of your other cleaning brushes.

WOODY WAX HAND BRUSH: Allows you to get into all those tight and hard to reach places around cleats, comers, hatches and hardware without busting your knuckles.

100018 Woody Wax Hand Brush $8.49
100017 Woody Wax 8" Bi-Level Deck Brush $18.99
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