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List of manufacturers

Abel Fly Reels and Equipment

Abel Is one of the premier brands in fly Fishing tackle and gear. Founded on one simple premise. To build the finest gear and acessories regardless of cost or materials. Abel Fly reels and tools are second to none. Hand built in USA from the finest materials and processes to ensure years of trouble free usage. Custom finishes like our Hand Painted Marlin pliers allow anglers world wide to have unique and as one of a kind as they are.

Abu Garcia

Action Plastics

AFTCO Clothing

AFTCO Clothing virtually "invented" fishing clothing in 1989 when they introduced the legendary AFTCO Original M01 "Traditional" Shorts. Which, launched them into the sportswear business and still the most widely used big game fishing shorts. Since the unveiling of the AFTCO Original M01 Shorts, a team of designers from the surf industry have recently been added to the team. AFTCO has now combined their fishing heritage with surf wear and action sports technical innovation to create cutting edge sportswear for the serious saltwater angler & waterman. Yet that is only part of AFTCO’s living legacy. Inspired by their founder Milt Shedd, AFTCO, under the direction of son Bill, continues the serious endeavor of being a leader in protecting our oceans’ resources and maintaining angler access to those resources. From the sale of AFTCO clothing, more than 10% of company profits are contributed annually to important marine conservation programs and research projects.

AFTCO Tackle


Generations of Research & Design For over 50 years we have been in the cast net and net making business, paving the road for cast net designs seen today. Through generations of experience and know-how, we have developed, refined, and created the most effective cast nets. Our Level of Commitment We are proud to say that all Ahi USA cast nets are meticulously hand made, as is reflected in our effort to hand glue all tied knots to insure a non-slip design. Quality Craftsmanship Every cast net is inspected multiple times for perfection and quality craftsmanship from assembly to shipment. Each Ahi USA cast net bears a proud Seal of Quality Craftsmanship, reflecting the highest level of quality control unsurpassed in the industry.

ARC Dehooker

Avet Fishing Reels

Avet Reels has been setting new standards and introducing revolutionary designs and performance since their inception since 1999. Avet Reels are proudly made in the U.S.A. and continue to be the choice for serious off-shore sport fishing and big game tournament anglers for their smooth gearing, ultra consistency, and durability. Avet reels has continually introduced revolutionary designs for saltwater fishing reels with innovations like the 2-speed lever drag casting reels, an industry first, their patented M.C. Cast adjustable magnetic anti-backlash cast control system, and their new Raptor series reels that produce nearly twice the drag output of their original Avet Reels.

AVID Sportswear

AVID Sportswear is a design-driven lifestyle brand that transcends the traditional boundaries of sport fishing clothing and hats. Equally at home on and off the water, we design and develop premium fishing apparel that celebrates the lifestyles and pursuits of sportsmen and women across the globe. Our fishing shirts and hats focus equally on design, style, quality and performance to deliver a superior product to you.

Baitmasters of South Florida

Baitmasters of South Florida produces the highest quality baits available anywhere. These baits consistently out fish the competition because of our superior processing techniques. Brining with Baitmasters' MagicBrine toughens the bait for increased trolling time. Blast freezing at -30° preserves the color for more natural looking baits. Vacuum packaging in heavy duty laminated pouches prevents freezer burn and extends shelf life for up to two years. Crews all over the world have depended on Baitmasters and have impressive wins in such prestigious tournaments as The Mid Atlantic $500,000, The Bacardi Billfish Tournament, The Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament, The South Carolina Governor's Cup, The Ocean City White Marlin Open, The Virginia Beach Red, White and Blue Tournament, The USVI Atlantic Blue Marlin Tournament, and The North Carolina Governor's Cup.

Birdsall Marine

Black Bart Lures

Black Bart Lures was established over four decades ago in 1966 by Captain Bart Miller. Black Bart Lures feature advanced technologies, making these baits the standard in big game trolling lures. New unbreakable plastics and weighted inserts make Black Bart Lures track and attract like no other lure in the water. Black Bart Lures are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, each one battle tested and guaranteed to run with the exact swimming action each and every time you put them in the water.

Bluefin USA

The BLUEFIN USA Apparel is designed for sportsman who appreciate quality, performance and style. Bluefin USA apparel products use the highest grade materials and technologies available in the industry, thanks to our joint venture with SLAM, the leading company in producing sailing gear and apparel since 1979, and combine them with inovative designs to keep you comfortable and protected from the harsh outdoor conditions your exposed to while fishing. Bluefin USA apparel designs celebrate the unique lifestyle of today's fisherman and outdoor enthusiast.

Bob Lewis Kites


Calstar fishing rods and blanks have "set the standard" for serious saltwater anglers worldwide. Strength, durability, and performance to catch serious fish—Calstar! From the rugged dependability of our "West Coast" series to the lightweight strength of our composite "Graphiters", Calstar Rods provide you the angler with the tool you need to get the job done! Choose Calstar- The serious anglers 1st. choice. Calstar's founder Leon Todd has dedicated his life to building quality fiberglass and composite fishing rods and blanks. From his early years at Roddy Rods, to his days of designing rod blanks for California Tackle (Sabre) and now as owner of Calstar, Leon's primary market has been the discriminating saltwater angler. When anglers worldwide need the best, they come to Calstar. Leon listens to his angling customers and makes changes and adds new models to his line to continuously improve and provide the customer with the product that meets their needs. Leon credits the many outstanding professionals as well as thousands of fine anglers in the Southern California area for their input and support. Leon, together with Pat have assembled a high performance team of craftsman to build the angler, an unmatched level of quality and performance in rods and rod blanks. Calstar products carry a lifetime warranty to help you create a lifetime of memories!

Cannon Downriggers

CM Designs Co.

Wearable art, never forget what matters to you

Coggin Lures

Coggin Lures are simply the most remarkable handmade lures on the market today. Master lure maker Steve Coggin's lures are not just works of art, they're bona fide fish catchers. Melton Tackle is proud to offer the largest inventory and widest selection of Coggin Lures available, skirted and rigged to your specifications.


Costa Del Mar Sunglasses

DEMANDING. UNCOMPROMISING. These two words describe the wild we love and the way we work. Our search for all things new and undiscovered never ends, taking our technology to a new level every day. We test our gear in the same conditions you live and play in. We fish. We paddle. We explore. And most importantly, we learn. The result is lenses that let you see a school of reds on the flats, spot a sailfish 50 yards behind the boat ten feet under the surface, and sunglasses that feel comfortable from dawn to dusk. COSTA 580 TECHNOLOGY - High-tech. High-Performance. The ultimate lens. Yellow light is the enemy. It's hard for the eye to process and changes how you see the world. Not with a pair of 580s on. These patent-packed lenses raise the red, blue and green areas to amazing levels, while eliminating much of the yellow light. The result is purer vision, deeper colors and sharper contrast. Costa 580 lenses are available in gray, copper, blue and green mirrors, making them the perfect choice for any conditions. NEW FOR 2010!!! Costa’s proprietary 580P TECHNOLOGY in impact resistant, lightweight, optical quality PC. Ophthalmic quality injection molded PC lens, Virtually unbreakable, Clarity & Color enhancement of the 580 Glass lens, Lightweight, Enhanced coatings to reduce scratching and enhance lens performance, 580 performance at a lower retail price! We built our reputation and our business on this lens, and it's made for anyone who lives on the water.


Daiwa Offshore Rods and Reels do not come with the fanfare and promotion of bigger brands such as Shimano or Penn but they make up for it with innovation and quality. Daiwa Saltist Rods, Star Drag Reels, Lever Drag Reels and Spinning Reels have been a huge hit as their combination of price point, performance and reliability have been nothing short of stellar. Daiwa Saltiga Jigging Rods, Boat Braid Line, Conventional Reels and Spinning Reels are the class of the Daiwa Offshore lineup and are much sought after by those committed to vertical jigging and popping angling.

De-Fishing Soap

Dolphin Electreel

Dolphin Electreel has been researching and developing our unique motorized fishing reels for 23 years. Production is an obvious compliment to our parent company's 27-year involvement in tooling and manufacturing. We are successfully producing the Dolphin Whisenhunt® model to a high quality standard. Dolphin Electreel Inc. manufactures a quality product backed by one-year warranty. The feedback we have been receiving from distributors, dealers and fishermen is very positive and we are extremely exited to have reached a milestone of 23 years of production and increases in our customer base since inception. We will continue to provide exceptional service and a great product. We motorize your new & used Penn® International, Penn® Senator, Shimano Tiagra A, Fin-Nor Santiago Reels. All of our manufactured parts are made in the USA. Our goal is to continue to produce a high-quality product for you and for your customers. Dolphin Whisenhunt Electric fishing reels are designed for most anglers with physical limitations or challenges such as the disabled, handicapped and the physically challenged. Using our manual over-ride crank handle you get the incredible stopping power of Shimano, Fin-Nor And Penn star drag systems. Our Electric Fishing reels have been sold and used all over the World. Here is a list of some of the countries, oceans and areas that our Electric fishing reels have been used successfully for big game and deep water bottom fishing. Pacific, Atlantic, Guam, Samoa, Alaska, Hawaii, Pago Pago, American Tonga Island, Japan, Canada, New Zealand, England, Australia, China, and France. Our Electric fishing reels have been used in most parts of the world successfully for big game and deep sea blue water bottom fishing. Using our Electric fishing reels almost every angler can enjoy the thrill of Deep water bottom fishing for big game, deep sea and salt water fishing. Our reels are used to fish for big saltwater game fish such as Albacore, Tuna, Halibut, Marlin, Rockfish, Ling Cod, Sailfish, Shark, Swordfish, Wahoo, Billfishes, Blue Marlin, White Marlin, Longbill Spearfish, Atlantic Bluefin Tuna, Bigeye Tuna, Blackfin Tuna, Yellowfin Tuna, Little Tunny, Skipjack Tuna, Bullet Tuna, Frigate Tuna and all types of Grouper, Bass, Striped, Cod, Jewfish, Mackerel, Pompano, Tarpon and also most all other types of fish not mentioned.

Donnmar Enterprises


Lawrance "Squig" Quigley, has combined his love of fishing with over 18 years as a designer of surf wear, to create a line of clothing that meets the needs of the fishermen, provides classic styling, and can be worn for other water or land activities. Squig has been fishing and surfing for 30 plus years throughout California and Baja with trips to Mainland Mexico, Hawaii, Australia, Indonesia, and Fiji. With 12 years experience working on the local and long-range boats, from Catalina to the Revillagigedos Islands, he has a real understanding of the fishermen's requirements. In his designs, Lawrance is trying to capture the casual lifestyle between fishing and surfing by providing a balance in clothing that will work equally well in the water, on the boat, and still looks great on land. All styles were designed with the dedicated fisherman in mind, utilizing functional utility pockets, custom plier pockets, and the best fabrics to provide comfort, fit, long wear, and most importantly, quick drying Requests from sportfishermen, to have access to the same clothes that the captains and crewmembers are wearing.

Fraser Optics

Fraser Optics is the clear leader in gyro stabilized optics systems. Originally designed for military and coast guard use, Fraser Optics Mariner and Bylite stablized binoculars are now considered standard equipment on yachts, sportfishing boats and carried by some of the top fisherman wordwide when looking for that competitive advantage.


The world's best selling wearable HD cameras for sports.

Grizzly Coolers


Grundéns protective clothing is best known for its rugged performance within the commercial marine industry. Discover what many already know – Grundéns skins are flat out the best. If you need no-nonsense, no-glitz gear that does exactly what it is designed to do, you’ve just found it.

Guy Harvey

HoldZit Tool Savers

Hook & Tackle Clothing

Hook & Tackle Outfitters is America's premier authentic outdoor, nautical and sportfishing apparel company. Innovative designs and quality craftsmanship combine to offer true function and superior comfort. Discover the lifestyle. Discover Hook & Tackle and experience first hand the unique quality, function and performance. Across the seas, Hook & Tackle is the choice of top pros and recreational fishermen. Our Technical Fishing Gear collection is designed for high performance fishing and the Sportsman's Gear collection is designed for after fishing. Look, feel and dress the part, express who you are with Hook & Tackle on land or sea.


Humminbird. Simply. Clearly. Better... For over 30 years we’ve been America’s favorite Fishfinder – the leading innovator of Side Imaging technology – providing recreational and professional anglers difference-making days out on the water, day after day, year after year. Humminbird introduced fishfinders, depth sounders, marine radios and GPS systems to anglers. In fact, many of the exciting innovative products and features that are in wide use today were our creation. We continue to introduce smart technology and cutting-edge products for anglers and their families to get the most out of their getaways, daytrips and fishing adventures. Humminbird products are available through a wide variety of retail outlets in the USA and Canada, and available worldwide in over 100 countries through our local dealers and distributors. The Humminbird brand is manufactured by the Marine Electronics Group of Johnson Outdoors (Nasdaq: JOUT). At a state-of-the-art facility in Eufaula, Alabama, Humminbird designs, engineers and manufactures sonar and electronic products primarily for the consumer market.

Hydro Glow Fish Lights

Jackall Lures

Jerry Brown Line One Spectra

Jerry Brown Line One Spectra is widely regarded among anglers world wide as the finest in splice-able, hollow and non-hollow braid on the market today. Jerry Brown Line One Spectra Braid is smooth, supple and easy to tie or splice, making it a favorite among long range anglers. Jerry Brown Hollow Core is offered in over 24 different line tests and many different colors. Unlike some other players in the braid market, Jerry Brown utilizes genuine Spectra material, Made in the USA resulting in finer diameter fibers that produce the smoother hand-feel and enhanced abrasion resistance. Colored Jerry Brown Hollow Core Braid uses a special thin polymer coating. Lower quality lines use a cheaper, thicker coating. Trust Jerry Brown Line One Spectra for all your fishing needs.


Kaenon Polarized

POLARIZED LENSES. REINVENTED AND PERFECTED THROUGH SR-91. Glass wasn’t strong enough. Polycarbonate wasn’t clear enough. Neither material allowed for adequate customization of tints and Light Transmission Levels. So we set out to develop our own, completely new polarized lens material. Kaenon’s proprietary SR-91 is the only polarized lens that combines the superior optical quality of the finest glass and the lightest weight, strength and impact resistance of polycarbonate. Only the best properties. No compromises. No short-cuts.


Kuhl is the premier maker of casual and performance clothing for the most active lifestyles, from men’s alpine pants to women’s athletic dresses and skirts. Shop Kuhl’s complete line of fleece jackets, softshells, hiking pants and shorts, quick dry shirts, and much more. Kuhl's organic grown cotton and merino wool clothing make the finest sportswear and travel apparel available.

Kula Cooler

Marine Industry

Marlin Magic Lures

Marlin Parker, creator of Marlin Magic Lures and skipper of the world famous Marlin Magic charter boat, has seen lure fishing for marlin become a way of life, inspired by tradition and considerable achievement. In the early days of lure trolling for billfish, if you wanted a lure with a specific action, you had to make it yourself. This became the inspiration for Marlin Parker who, began making trolling lures out of necessity. He was after quite simply "A lure that would consistently catch fish time and time again". In 1978, carrying on the family tradition, Marlin Parker captured what was at the time, the largest marlin ever weighed in Kailua-Kona, a 1257 lb. blue caught on one of his Marlin Magic Lures. Marlin has taken his knowledge of fishing and lure design and combined them with master craftsman Gary Eoff's skills to create truly unique shell lures. The result is not only an outstanding fishing lure, but a true work of art.

Nantucket Bound

Nantucket Bound designs and manufactures goods of the highest quality products available with custom embroidery, creating unique gifts for the hardest to please on your gift list!


Okuma Fishing Products

OluKai Premium Footwear

Design standards for OluKai Sandals and OluKai Shoes are simple: every product OluKai makes must offer style, durability, and comfort from heel to toe. OluKai's standards for flip flops and shoes hold true from the first sketch to the final product. Beneath the surface of OluKai footwear, anatomical footbeds from stress-resistant polymers are built with a cushioning top layer to ensure comfort and durability. OluKai outsoles, made from partially recycled rubber, are non-marking and non-skidding. Melton Tackle is proud to offer a great array of OluKai footwear for men, women and kids. For water based activities, the Men's OluKai Kai'i Sandal and Men's or Women's 'Ohana Sandal are top choices. For casual wear or along the dock, the OluKai Kono Slide, 'Ohana Leather Flip Flop, Kumu Sandal, Hiapo Sandal, Maoli Sandal or the Kumu Sandal are ultra comfortable and look great. Closed toe options are available - the OluKai 'Ohana Lace-Up Shoe and the OluKai Kono Slide Shoe.

Owner Hooks

Owner Hooks are arguably the finest big game fishing hooks on the market today. Owner Hooks are available in a variety of styles and sizes, from the Owner Jobu Hook to Owner Dancing Stinger Jigging Hooks to Owner ST-66 Stinger Treble Hooks, you can be sure that Melton Tackle offers Owner Hooks that suit your particular fishing application.

Pacer Zap-a-Gap


Melton International Tackle offers a complete selection of Pelagic Gear clothing and accessories. From the ever popular Pelagic Dorado Boardshorts to the newest line of Pelagic Rasta Logo Tees, Melton Tackle has you covered.

Pelican Products

Playaction Products

Every piece of high-quality fishing tackle produced by PlayAction Products undergoes a lengthy series of steps before it ever graces your transom. When the initial concept is envisioned, our experienced team of designers and engineers goes to work. The ensuing prototype is then tested in extreme ocean conditions. Factors such as the product's appearance, action, durability and, most importantly, its attractiveness to fish, are studied. PlayAction Products are constructed of space age polymers, which means no leather to rot or metal to corrode. Our fighting belts, rod harnesses and lures are used with great success for trolling, bottom, stand-up, live baiting and flats fishing all over the world. Make sure you've got PlayAction in your tackle locker.


Polu Kai Big Game Lures

Polu Kai Lures are beautifully crafted and produce great results. By combining hand craftsmanship that is second to none with an absolutely uncompromising commitment to design, Polu Kai Lures have quickly become some of the most sought after lures on the market. Polu Kai Lures have already proven themselves in nearly every big game fishing destination!

PowerPro Spectra


Rupp Marine

Rupp Outriggers are simply the finest outriggers on the market today, utilizing superior equipment and innovative design. Rupp Outriggers are found on top private and charter boats throughout the world and with good reason. If looking for outriggers, go down to the local marina and see what outriggers are on the top boats. Chances are that most if not all have Rupp Outriggers. Melton Tackle is proud to be a full line dealer of Rupp Marine Outriggers and accessories. We have been successfully outfitting boats of various sizes for the past dozen years with Rupp Outriggers and would be glad to do the same for you.


Salt-Away is a carefully selected blend of biodegradable ingredients, specifically chosen to provide the optimum concentration of well-known cleaning materials and surface-active agents, resulting in salt removal from a wide variety of surfaces. The beauty of this product is that it contains no hydroharbon solvents, thus it will not interfere or remove lubrication on items such as reels or engines, allowing it to be used pretty much anywhere on or around the boat. Along with salt removal, Salt-Away has built in corrosion inhibitors that stop corrosion before it starts.

Saltwater Sandbox

Sea Wide Technologies

Seaguar Fluorocarbon

Seaguar Fluorocarbon is the most well known and highly regarded fluorocarbon in the fishing world. Seaguar Fluorocarbon is virtually invisible underwater and tougher than any other fluorocarbon out there. As if that's not enough, Seaguar Fluorocarbon features superior knot strength, softness and impact resistance.

SFE, Inc.


Anglers have been fishing Shimano Rods and Reels for over 80 years. Since then, more 3,000 world records have been caught on Shimano rods and reels. So, when everything is on the line, Shimano should be your first choice.


A heritage of reliable sports instruments Suunto is a leading designer and manufacturer of sports precision instruments for diving, training, mountaineering, hiking, skiing, sailing and golf. Prized for our intuitive design, accuracy and dependability, our precise instruments combine the aesthetics and functionality of watches with sport-specific computers that help athletes at all levels analyze and improve their performance. Suunto has channelled its engineering processes and sporting passions into designing the best instruments for the most challenging conditions. Whether divers, mountaineers, runners or other athletes, and regardless of skill level, the Suunto user community is bonded by a common passion for performance and design. Suunto products and services provide accurate and reliable guidance about our users’ environment and their bodies, and inspire them to push their limits and get the most out of their active lifestyle.

Swiss Army



In 1991 a new high performance ultra high molecular weight polyethylene fiber known as Spectra® fishing line was introduced to the fishing market, by Tuf-Line. The results were phenomenal and caused a revolution in traditional methods of fishing. The new breed of fishing lines offered increased sensitivity, longer life, higher abrasion resistance, and, best of all, a diameter less than half that of traditional monofilament line.

Weston Supply


Born on the rugged coast of Africa, Williamson has been building world class trolling lures for decades. Williamson Lures are responsible for many Big Fish captures across the globe.

Winthrop Tools

Woody Wax

Woody Wax is designed to be a product that is so easy, quick, and effective to use, that it can be applied often, always leaving your boat looking 100% and confident that it is protected the same. With Woody Wax I'm able to treat the brightwork on my Venture 34 in less than an hour (versus 8 -10 hours the old way). I rarely use soap on my boat. My fiberglass and decks get waxed with the swipe of a deck brush, (which also puts corrosion protection on all the screws, hinges, and hardware that rarely got treated before), leaving an impenetrable non-slick deck that resists stains and looks fantastic. My dock box used to be full of half empty waxes, metal polishes, corrosion blockers, and abrasive deck cleaners, which are all no longer necessary with this one product. Just about everything on my boat has benefited from Woody Wax. Woody Wax is quick, easy, and effective - let it work on your boat instead of you. You won't be disappointed! - John "Woody" Cronin

Yeti Coolers

Yeti Coolers are the best ice chests on the market today. Yeti Coolers are durable and boast some of the best ice retention in the industry. Yeti Coolers are ideal marine coolers but equally at home while BBQ'ing, camping, tailgating or river rafting!


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