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ARC Dehookers
ARC Pan Fish Dehooker
ARC Sportsman Dehooker
ARC Big Game Dehooker
ARC Big Game Pole Dehooker

ARC Dehookers

Dehooking devices instantly and safely remove hooks from the lip, mouth, throat, and esophagus of fish, sea turtles, marine mammals, and sea birds without touching or removing them from the water which releases your catch in a manner that ensures the maximum probability of survival as mandated by National Standard 9 of the Magnuson-Stevens Act. Dehookers are made of high quality 304L-316L grade stainless steel and come in various lengths and sizes to release fish as small as a pan fish or as large as a shark.

420102 ARC Pan Fish Dehooker 9" $14.99
420103 ARC Sportsman Dehooker 16" $18.49
420105 ARC Big Game Dehooker 34" $69.99
420106 ARC Big Game Pole Dehooker 6' $142.49
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ARC Dehookers
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