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Baitmasters Ballyhoo Cases

Baitmasters Ballyhoo Cases

Baitmasters offers only the highest quality bait available. These baits consistently out-perform others due to superior processing, packaging, and rigging techniques. All bait is brined, blast frozen and vacuum packed for uncompromised quality. Ballyhoo sizes: Medium - 8"-9", Select - 9"-10", and Horse - 10"-11" (Items w/asterisks indicate Tournament Approved). Please note that all bait orders are subject to availability/seasonality and will incure additional freight/handling charges (All bait is shipped FED-EX Priority O/Night, w/dry ice in a special cooler box). All Bait orders are processed within 48 hrs. Please call us directly if you have specific questions re: Freight charges, bait availability, or delivery options/special requirements. Minimum freight charge on bait will be $50. Our Contact number is as follows: 800-372-3474. Or you may contact:

Ground shipping now available, ONLY for the following states: FL, GA, SC, TN, KY, WV, LA, VA, MD, DE, NJ, CT, PA, RI, NH, VT, ME & MI.

Please note: Bait availability can change from day to day. Prices shown are for drop-ship orders and will incur additional shipping and handling fees for dry ice and cooler, charges may vary. Shipped only within the Continental United States.

SKU ITEM NAME Description Quantity PRICE QTY
480190 Ballyhoo Dredge Kit - 32" 6-Arm Dredge w/13 Chin Weighted Bally Rigged 1 $89.99
480111 Medium Unrigged 10-12 Pks/Case $180.99
480121 Select Unrigged 16-5 Pks/Case $144.00
480181 Super Select - Sgl Hook w/10' 150 lb. Mono Leader Rigged 36-1 Pk/Case $324.00
480131 Horse Unrigged 30-2 Pks/Case $300.00
480209 White Marlin Spcl - Sgl Hook w/10' 100 lb. Mono Leader Rigged 24-3 Pks/Case $330.99
480141 Med - Sgl Hook w/6' of Wire Rigged 24-3 Pks/Case $324.99
480151 Med - Dbl Hook w/6' of Wire Rigged 24-3 Pks/Case $330.99
480126 *Select EC L2004ELM 10/0 Circle Hook & 10' of 150 lb. Mono Lead Rigged 36-1 Pk/Case $342.00
480191 Medium Ballyhoo - XX-Hook 7/0 Mustad 3407DT Rigged 24-3 Pks/Case $299.99
480161 Wahoo Spcl - Dbl Hook w/10' Wire Leader Rigged 36-1 Pk/Case $342.00
480171 Marlin Spcl - Dbl Hook w/15' 400 lb. Mono Leader Rigged 36-1 Pk/Case $466.20
480116 *Med EC L2004ELM 8/0 Circle Hook & 10' of 100 lb. Mono Leader Rigged 24-3 Pks/Case $360.00
480136 *Horse EC L2045 18/0 Circle Hook & 15' of 400 lb. Mono Leader Rigged 36-1 Pks/Case $486.00
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Baitmasters Ballyhoo Cases
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