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Black Bart Blue Marlin Pack

Black Bart Blue Marlin Pack

This Black Bart Blue Marlin Pack is a very serious competition spread whether you are hunting a fun weekend of fishing or seriously hunting a personal best, world records, or tournament competition. Know that you are holding a winning hand, fish them with an Attitude!

Black Bart Blue Marlin Pack includes the following: Black Bart Embroidered Lure Bag (COLOR MAY VARY), "New" Bart Custom Needle Eye Stainless Steel Tuna Bend Hooksets, 400lb. Leader 10ft., RPP, 1656 Angle, 1656 Flat, Hot Breakfast, St. Thomas Prowler, Super Pro Jet.

These packs come with a single hook rig, pre-skirted in Captain Bart Miller's most productive colors!

446038 Black Bart Blue Marlin Pack Rigged $492.99
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Black Bart Blue Marlin Pack
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