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Black Bart Breakfast
Spotted Skipjack
Canyon Runner
Blind Squirrel
Black Magic
Hot Squid

Black Bart Breakfast

The Black Bart Breakfast is one of Captain Bart Miller's very favorite creations. This lure has two jet holes that create a massive smoke trail and help enable this lure to swim, dive deep, and then explode on the surface. Troll the Breakfast flat on either corner off the rod tip. Don't pull this on anything less than 130 lb. tackle.

SKU ITEM NAME PRICE Outer Skirt Inner Skirt QTY
44602001 Spotted Skipjack $99.99
44602002 Canyon Runner $99.99
44602003 Frigate $99.99
44602004 Blind Squirrel $99.99
44602005 Zucchini $99.99
44602006 Black Magic $99.99
44602007 Hot Squid $99.99
44602015 Lumo $99.99
44602024 Yellowfin $99.99
446020 Custom $99.99
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Black Bart Breakfast
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