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Black Bart Crooked Island Candy
Spotted Skipjack
Canyon Runner
Blind Squirrel
Black Magic
Hot Squid

Black Bart Crooked Island Candy

The Black Bart Crooked Island Candy makes for the best Wahoo fishing you ever experienced, high speed, and any speed, this is the one and only, the very best Wahoo lure ever. Troll Crooked Island Candy on 400 lb+ mono or cable leader, hook size should be 11/0. You can troll this deep swimming flash & glow heavy weight Wahoo lure along with its other three family members, San Sal Candy or Rum Cay Candy or add to the line up the Wahoo Candy lure and you will have a Wahoo spread that will please you beyond any spread you may have ever tried. From the very first day you should see and realize the advantage you will have gained by trolling these dangerously perfect Wahoo lures. ENJOY!!! This lure works excellent when ran in all positions. Approximately 14" in length, best rigged with 11/0 hook.

SKU ITEM NAME Length PRICE Outer Skirt Inner Skirt QTY
44608401 Spotted Skipjack 14" $62.99
44608402 Canyon Runner 14" $62.99
44608403 Frigate 14" $62.99
44608404 Blind Squirrel 14" $62.99
44608405 Zucchini 14" $62.99
44608406 Black Magic 14" $62.99
44608407 Hot Squid 14" $62.99
44608415 Lumo 14" $62.99
44608424 Yellowfin 14" $62.99
446084 Custom 14" $62.99
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Black Bart Crooked Island Candy
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