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Black Bart Warrior
Spotted Skipjack
Canyon Runner
Blind Squirrel
Black Magic
Hot Squid

Black Bart Warrior

Black Bart Warrior as the name implies this is a lure with an attitude! Like its world famous little sister R.P.P. and big brother Zulu, Warrior is a stubby slant head perfectly sized with enough weight to keep this tough guy in the water in most sea conditions. Warrior rips through the water leaving behind a trail of white water; bubbles & splash more than enough to really turn predators on. Warrior trolls in all positions, medium to heavy tackle, this all species attractor has Blue Marlin written all over it. Feel the attitude troll the pros choice Warrior or mix and match Warrior with R.P.P. and double your fun. Rig with 10/0 hook and 400-500 lb leader. Lures like this carry the magic, which is what Black Bart Lures was founded on. This lure works excellent when ran in all positions. Approximately 13" in length, best rigged with 10/0 hook.

SKU ITEM NAME Length PRICE Outer Skirt Inner Skirt QTY
44608501 Spotted Skipjack 13" $62.99
44608502 Canyon Runner 13" $62.99
44608503 Frigate 13" $62.99
44608504 Blind Squirrel 13" $62.99
44608505 Zucchini 13" $62.99
44608506 Black Magic 13" $62.99
44608507 Hot Squid 13" $62.99
44608515 Lumo 13" $62.99
44608524 Yellowfin 13" $62.99
446085 Custom 13" $62.99
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Black Bart Warrior
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