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Bluewater Rigging Kits

Bluewater Rigging Kits

Bluewater Rigging Kits include: 1 heavy duty crimp tool, 100 each of 1.3 mm crimps, and 1.6 mm crimps; 50 each of 1.9 mm crimps, 2.2 mm crimps, nylon thimbles, stainless steel thimbles, 75 lb. barrel swivels, 90 lb. barrel swivels, 100 lb. barrel swivels, and 150 lb. barrel swivels; and 25 each of 225 lb. barrel swivels, and 350 lb. barrel swivels.

Please note: The Bluewater Rigging Kits are currently on backorder, anticipated delivery date is late-March. We apologize for the inconvenience.

920904 Bluewater Rigging Kit 1-CN10 Crimper, 100 each of 1.3mm crimps, 1.6mm crimps; 50 each of 1.9mm crimps, 2.2mm crimps, nylon thimbles, stainless steel thimbles, 75lb. barrel swivels, 90lb. barrel swivels, 100lb. barrel swivels & 150lb. barrel swivels & each of 225lb. barrel swivels & 350lb. barrel swivels 750 + 1 Heavy-Duty Crimp Tool $89.99
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Bluewater Rigging Kits
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