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Iland Express Lures

Iland Express Lures

The Iland Lures range of trolling lures are some of the most popular big game baits along the East Coast and throughout the Bahamas and Caribbean. Most commonly trolled with a rigged dead bait inside, Iland Lures are equally effective when pulled by themselves. Due to their tremendous success, this range has earned a world-wide reputation as some of the finest and most productive artificial lures you can own. Brilliance that provides the widest possible detection range and a strike provoking realism that attracts all gamefish are the keys to their success!

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53618802 Iland Express Lure 10.5" $35.99
53618803 Iland Express Lure 10.5" $35.99
53618804 Iland Express Lure 10.5" $35.99
53618805 Iland Express Lure 10.5" $35.99
53618806 Iland Express Lure 10.5" $35.99
53618807 Iland Express Lure 10.5" $35.99
53618808 Iland Express Lure 10.5" $35.99
53618809 Iland Express Lure 10.5" $35.99
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Iland Express Lures
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