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Marlin Magic Super Ruckus
Hot Squid
Flying Fish
World Record
Flying Hawaiian
Big Eye Candy
Electric Dorado
Midnight Express
Slimy Mac

Marlin Magic Super Ruckus

The Marlin Magic Super Ruckus is a no-nonsense, straight running, whole plunging, exploding, rooster tail throwing, mother of a lure. Back in the hey day of Madeira, the first blue that fell to Super Ruckus was a 1,100+ fish on the Pesca Grossa. The bites kept coming and Super Ruckus has landed 4 Blue Marlin over the 1,100 lb. mark and over $1,500,000 in prize money. If you target big Blues, the Marlin Magic Super Ruckus should be in your pattern! This lure works excellent when ran in short corner and short rigger positions. Approximately 15" in length, best rigged with 12/0 hook.

SKU ITEM NAME Length PRICE Outer Skirt Inner Skirt QTY
88099907 Hot Squid 15" $89.99
88099908 Flying Fish 15" $89.99
88099914 World Record 15" $89.99
88099915 Lumo 15" $89.99
88099916 Evil 15" $89.99
88099917 Grimace 15" $89.99
88099918 Flying Hawaiian 15" $89.99
88099919 Big Eye Candy 15" $89.99
88099921 Electric Dorado 15" $89.99
88099922 Midnight Express 15" $89.99
88099923 Slimy Mac 15" $89.99
880999 Custom 15" $89.99
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Marlin Magic Super Ruckus
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