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Melton Tackle Deep Drop/Dredge Rods
Melton Tackle DD 80 Deep Drop Rod
Melton Tackle DD 130 Deep Drop Rod

Melton Tackle Deep Drop/Dredge Rods

Melton Teaser, Stubbie, and Deep Drop Rods. Melton Tackle Teaser Rods are designed to aid in the swift recovery of teasers, planers, and dredges. They can also be used with electric reels. Teaser rod features an AFTCO swivel top and stripper with an 80 lb. class detachable curved butt. Measuring less than 4 feet, our Teaser Rod keeps your teaser lines well out of the way of your main lines and are easy to "stash" once the lines have been cleared. Melton Deep Drop/Dredge Rods are built with AFTCO guides, tops, and detachable aluminum curved butts. They are fitted with an AFTCO swivel top to keep the line from wrapping. Melton Stubbie Rods have standard AFTCO big foot tops and guides in a chrome finish. They are designed for small boat fishermen that leave their rods in the rod holder, when fighting monster ahi tuna and marlin.

SKU ITEM NAME Guide Type Handle/Butt Line Rating Rod Length PRICE QTY
890002 Melton Tackle DD 80 Deep Drop Rod AFTCO Wind-On Roller Guides Aluminum/Curved Butt 80 lb. 6' $489.99
890020 Melton Tackle DD 130 Deep Drop Rod AFTCO SHD Roller Guides Aluminum/Curved Butt 130 lb. 6' $499.99
890018 Melton Tackle BMDD 5080 Deep Drop Rod Fuji SiC Turbo Guides w/Swivel Top Curved #2 Butt 50-80 lb. 6' $599.99
890001C Melton Tackle DD 80 Swordie Daytime Deep Drop Rod Fuji Silicone Nitride Guides w/Winthrop Roller Tip Curved #4 Butt 80 lb. 6' $699.99
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Melton Tackle Deep Drop/Dredge Rods
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