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Para-Tech Sea Anchor

Para-Tech Sea Anchor

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No independent craft should venture offshore without the security and peace of mind afforded by a Para-Tech Sea Anchor. In the event of an emergency, a Sea Anchor allows a skipper to limit contingencies, fix problems, and protect their passengers, themselves, and their vessel. With sails down or engine out your boat will tend to become unstable, sideways, rolling sickeningly with rails being buried in the troughs - a Sea Anchor forces the bow back into the seas and restores stability. Also a “must have” for nighttime drift fishing. Remarkably easy to use, the Para-Tech bag is simply tossed overboard with the Sea Anchor inside - the Sea Anchor deploys automatically.

SKU ITEM NAME Anchor Size Lb. Weight PRICE QTY
408001 Para-Tech Sea Anchor for Vessel Size under 25 ft. 9 ft. 9 lb. $399.99
408002 Para-Tech Sea Anchor for Vessel Size 20 ft. - 35 ft. 12 ft. 12 lb. $599.99
408003 Para-Tech Sea Anchor for Vessel Size 30 ft. - 40 ft. 15 ft. 20 lb. $999.99
408004 Para-Tech Sea Anchor for Vessel Size 35 ft. - 48 ft. 18 ft. 25 lb. $1159.99
408005 Para-Tech Sea Anchor for Vessel Size 40 ft. - 90 ft. 24 ft. 35 lb. $1629.99
408006 Para-Tech Sea Anchor for Vessel Size 70 ft. - 120 ft. 32 ft. 55 lb. $2999.99
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Para-Tech Sea Anchor
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