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River2Sea Knife Jig

River2Sea Knife Jig

Knife Jig is ideal for reaching deeper depths without excessive weights. The tail weighted design and long, thin body allows even light tackle enthusiasts a chance to target deep–water fish. When retrieved, Knife jig presents erratic actions, with holographic eyes and lumo belly, certainly a predator’s attention will be captured, and reaction bite will be triggered. Thru-wire construction insures the lures won’t pull apart no matter how epic the fight.

*Click on the magnifying glass icon for lure color options.

664335 River2Sea Knife Jig 7.75" 200g/7 1/16 oz. $8.99
664345 River2Sea Knife Jig 8.3" 230g/8 1/8 oz. $8.99
664355 River2Sea Knife Jig 9" 300g/10 1/2 oz. $8.99
664362 River2Sea Knife Jig 10" 400g/14 oz. $9.99
664364 River2Sea Knife Jig 10" 400g/14 oz. $9.99
664365 River2Sea Knife Jig 10" 400g/14 oz. $9.99
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River2Sea Knife Jig
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