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Stripteaser Holographic Big Game Teaser
Stripteaser Fish Strips
Stripteaser Fish Strips
Stripteaser Ballyhoo Strips

Stripteaser Holographic Big Game Teaser

The StripTeaser is guaranteed to be the hottest big game teaser in the water during the season. Unlike any other teaser available on the market today, the StripTeaser is constructed of heavy clear plastic strips decorated with mylar prism tape fish images. The strips literally "dance" as they are pulled through the water appearing to be a frenzied bait school. Try the new "Garage Sale" StripTeaser for the biggest teaser you've ever pulled!

Strips can be purchased individually as replacements, or be innovative and "build" your own fish slaying kit! Please note: Stripteaser Fish and Ballyhoo Strips' material may vary depending on availability.

334010FSG Stripteaser Fish Strips Green 6 Fish $11.99
334010FSB Stripteaser Fish Strips Blue 6 Fish $11.99
334116 Stripteaser Fish Strips Green 9 Fish $19.99
334003 Stripteaser Fish Strips Blue 9 Fish $19.99
334117 Stripteaser Fish Strips Green 15 Fish $31.99
334005 Stripteaser Fish Strips Blue 15 Fish $31.99
012081 Stripteaser Ballyhoo Strips Black 6 Ballyhoo $15.99
334103 Stripteaser Ballyhoo Strips Black 9 Ballyhoo $22.99
334104 Stripteaser Ballyhoo Strips Black 15 Ballyhoo $37.99
334115 Mini StripTeaser - Fish Mixed 4-Arm Dredge w/33 Fish $89.99
334008 Mini StripTeaser - Ballyhoo Black 4-Arm Dredge w/33 Ballyhoo $109.99
334001 Original StripTeaser - Fish Mixed 12" 6-Arm Dredge w/69 Fish $149.99
334007 Original StripTeaser - Ballyhoo Black 12" 6-Arm Dredge w/69 Ballyhoo $189.99
334002 Deluxe StripTeaser - Fish Mixed 6-arm 2 stations 87 fish $299.99
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Stripteaser Holographic Big Game Teaser
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