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Stuart Z Butts
Stuart Z4SC Butt
Stuart Z6C Butt
Stuart Z4C Butt
Stuart Z2S Butt
Stuart Z2SC Butt

Stuart Z Butts

Stuart Z Butts allow anglers to match up rods and butts for customization. Available in either standard chair tackle lengths, or in short models built for stand-up angling.

*Please call us before ordering if you have any questions about this product or its usage.

200776 Stuart Z2S Butt Black/Gold Short Straight Butt $94.99
200835 Stuart Z2SC Butt Black/Gold Short Curved Butt $129.99
200869 Stuart Z4C Butt Black/Gold Curved Butt $149.99
200875 Stuart Z4C Butt Black/Dark Gold Curved Butt $149.99
200787B Stuart Z4C Butt Black Curved Butt $159.99
200787 Stuart Z4C Butt Silver Curved Butt $159.99
200867 Stuart Z6C Butt Black/Gold Curved Butt $199.99
200874 Stuart Z6C Butt Black/Dark Gold Curved Butt $169.99
200348 Stuart Z4SC Butt Black/Gold Short Curved Butt $199.99
020222 Stuart Z4SC Butt Black/Dark Gold Short Curved Butt $199.99
200071 Stuart Z4SC Butt Black Short Curved Butt $189.99
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Stuart Z Butts
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