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Successful Fishing DVD Series

Successful Fishing DVD Series

Melton Tackle is proud to offer the line of Successful Fishing DVD Series. All DVDs have running times between 90-120 min.

Successful Dolphin Tactics - Learn how to find fish, target bigger Dolphin, organize a deadly trolling spread, catch and rig live bait, power chum, catch stubborn Dolphin, make Dolphin come to you, hold a school near the boat, lure Dolphin from the deep and MUCH more! George covers it all in three educational action-packed segments: Trolling, Run & Gun, and Chumming & Chunking.

Successful Tarpon Tactics - Learn how to locate Tarpon around inlets, along beaches, and in the Intracoastal Waterway, catch Tarpon at night, select and fish lures, drift and slow-troll live baits, catch Tarpon on downriggers, troll inlets and canals, fish dead bait, rig tackle, strike and fight Tarpon, battle Tarpon around pilings, obstructions, and Much more!

Successful Snook Tactics - Learn how to find snook around bridges and inlets, catch snook year-round, select and fish productive lures, troll inlets and bridges, rig tackle, finesse snook away from pilings and obstructions, and much more! David covers it all from both Boat and Shore.

Successful Sailfish Tactics - Learn how to locate Sailfish, keep track of their movements, read the water, organize a deadly live-bait drift-fishing spread, establish productive live-bait slow-trolling patterns, kite-fish, sight-cast to Sailfish, fish deep, catch leery Sailfish, draw fish into your spread, choose and rig the proper terminal gear and tackle, and MUCH more!

Successful Bottom Fishing Tactics - Learn how to distinguish fertile bottom, read a fishfinder, locate Groupers and Snappers, fish wrecks and reefs, target bigger fish, use live and dead bait, anchor on a productive piece of bottom, drift-fish, power big fish away from structure, use downriggers, chum, rig baits, choose and rig the proper tackle, and MUCH more!

Successful Offshore Bait Rigging - You'll learn how to rig the following favorites: Ballyhoo (skipping, swimming, and weedless), Mullet (skipping, swimming, and dual-hook), also de-boning, split-tailing, and the Uncle Charlie preparations, Quick & Easy Strip Baits, Trolling Squid, Mackerel (single & dual-hook), and Spike Rig (for Mackerel and other specialty baits). A MUST for the trolling enthusiast!

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