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The Bait Stik

The Bait Stik

The "Original" Bait Stik is built specifically for bait fishing with sabiki rigs. The Bait Stick is a tapered rod blank with a reel seat and butt that allows the angler to reel his/her bait rig up into the rod blank. Not only is there a minimum of wasted set-up time, but tangling and fouling is minimized too. The Bait Stik casts, handles, and stows easily.

887073 The Bait Stik (Conventional) Reel Not Included $69.99 $62.99
887074 The Bait Stik (Spinning) Reel Not Included $69.99 $62.99
887071 The Bait Stik BS6500 Conventional Reel Included $95.99 $86.39
887072 The Bait Stik BS50 Spinning Reel Included $95.99 $86.39
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The Bait Stik
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