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ZeeBaaS ZX2 Spinning Reels

ZeeBaaS ZX2 Spinning Reels

The ZeeBaaS ZX2 Series Spinning Reels are formulated from the finest materials available. The ZeeBaaS ZX series is built using aerospace grade billet aluminum, 6AL-4V Titanium, 304/316 marine grade stainless steel and a super carbon fiber woven drag, with the guts housed in a waterproof ultra hard non-corrosive body. The strength to weight ratio on these reels is simply amazing, each reel weighs 16.9 oz. and handles up to 80 lb. spectra! Features: Interchangeability of 2 spool sizes (2.0 Dia/2.25 Dia), Manual Pickup: Dual or Single pick up capability, Selectable manual or automatic bail system, using a selector switch, Optional handle lengths and knobs, Customizable and Serviceable by dealer or owner using standard tools, and Mahogany wooden storage case.

SKU ITEM NAME Frame Color Pick-Up Sizes PRICE QTY
656961 ZeeBaaS ZX20RB Spinning Reel Silver Full Bail 2" $929.99
656941 ZeeBaaS ZX20RB Spinning Reel Black Full Bail 2" $929.99
656962 ZeeBaaS ZX22RB Spinning Reel Silver Full Bail 2.23" $949.99
656942 ZeeBaaS ZX22RB Spinning Reel Black Full Bail 2.23" $949.99
656963 ZeeBaaS ZX25RS Spinning Reel Silver Single 2.55" $919.99
656943 ZeeBaaS ZX25RS Spinning Reel Black Single 2.55" $909.99
656964 ZeeBaaS ZX25RD Spinning Reel Silver Double 2.55" $939.99
656944 ZeeBaaS ZX25RD Spinning Reel Black Double 2.55" $919.99
656965 ZeeBaaS ZX25RB Spinning Reel Silver Full Bail 2.55" $969.99
656945 ZeeBaaS ZX25RB Spinning Reel Black Full Bail 2.55" $969.99
656966 ZeeBaaS ZX27RS Spinning Reel Silver Single 2.75" $919.99
656946 ZeeBaaS ZX27RS Spinning Reel Black Single 2.75" $939.99
656967 ZeeBaaS ZX27RD Spinning Reel Silver Double 2.75" $939.99
656947 ZeeBaaS ZX27RD Spinning Reel Black Double 2.75" $949.99
656968 ZeeBaaS ZX27RB Spinning Reel Silver Full Bail 2.75" $989.99
656948 ZeeBaaS ZX27RB Spinning Reel Black Full Bail 2.75" $989.99
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ZeeBaaS ZX2 Spinning Reels
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