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Bam Bam Fish Bat

Bam Bam Fish Bat

Hands down this is the very best fish bat we have ever seen. The Bam Bam Fish Bat is a safe and efficient tool for subduing gamefish that you do not intend to release. Designed to stop thrashing gamefish with minimum effort or recoil, the Bam Bam Fish Bat is a 2 1/2 lb. composite dead-blow club unlike any fish bat you have ever used. Constructed around a 7/8" 2011 aluminum rod core, around this core is the polycarbonate internal shell that holds 3/4 lb. of lead shot (the key to the effectiveness of this product), the outer shell is a tough 95A Durometer urethane that holds up to serious use but won't scratch your gel coat, finally the handle is a thermal plastic soft grip with a safety strap. The first time you swing the Bam Bam Fish Bat you'll know that the fish just won't have a chance!

887099 Bam Bam Fish Bat $59.99
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Bam Bam Fish Bat
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