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Calstar Grafighter Rail Rods

Calstar Grafighter Rail Rods

Calstar Grafighter Rail Rods - “Rail” rods were developed on the Long Range sport boats fishing out of San Diego, CA targeting large Yellowfin tuna. These boats are in the 100’ range and carry groups of fishermen to destinations off the Mexican coast known to be the home of giant Yellowfin Tuna. These fish are caught while standing and require special gear designed to allow the angler to put maximum pressure on the fish. Rail rods were specifically developed to use the rocking motion of the boat to aid in landing these fish. The rod is laid on the rail of the boat just above the reel, when the boat rocks away from the fish the rod lifts the fish, when the boat rocks back toward the fish, pressure is reduced allowing line to be retrieved onto the reel. Rail rods are 6 ½ to 7’ in length, have a reinforced lower section, and are built with a parabolic action to absorb shock, while maintaining lifting power.

For most applications we recommend a 50 size reel, filled with 130# braided spectra line and a short length of either fluorocarbon or monofilament leader.

SKU ITEM NAME Rod Length Line Rating PRICE QTY
891073 Calstar GFGR765XH Grafighter Rail Rod 6'6" 50-100 lb. $384.99
891074 Calstar GFGR765XXH Grafighter Rail Rod 6'6" 80-130 lb. $449.99
891075 Calstar GFGR765XXXH Grafighter Rail Rod 6'6" 80-Unlimited lb. $459.99
891072 Calstar GFTR770H Grafighter Rail Rod 7' 60-100 lb. $350.99
891071 Calstar GFGR770H Grafighter Rail Rod 7' 60-100 lb. $409.99
891076 Calstar GFGR770XH Grafighter Rail Rod 7' 60-100 lb. $449.99
891089 Calstar GFGR 7470XH Grafighter Rail Rod 7' 60-120 lb. $489.99
891077 Calstar GFGR770XXH Grafighter Rail Rod 7' 80-130 lb. $469.99
891090 Calstar GFGR 7470XXH Grafighter Rail Rod 7' 80-130 lb. $509.99
891078 Calstar GFGR770XXXH Grafighter Rail Rod 7' 80-Unlimited lb. $479.99
891091 Calstar GFGR 7470XXXH Grafighter Rail Rod 7' 80-Unlimited lb. $514.99
891102 Calstar GFGR-770-4XH Rail Rod 7' Unlimited lb. $522.99
891103 Calstar GFGR-775H Grafighter Rail Rod 7'6" 60-100 lb. $434.99
891104 Calstar GFGR-775XH Grafighter Rail Rod 7'6" 60-100 lb. $489.99
891105 Calstar GFGR-775XXH Grafighter Rail Rod 7'6" 80-130 lb. $507.99
891106 Calstar GFGR-775XXXH Grafighter Rail Rod 7'6" 80-Unlimited lb. $514.99
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Calstar Grafighter Rail Rods
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