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G. Loomis Escape Travel Spinning Rods

G. Loomis Escape Travel Spinning Rods

As our free time becomes more valuable, quality time away from work and in many cases "escaping" to warmer climates is the best medicine for our souls. Saltwater flats fishing is not just a fly fishing thing anymore and destinations like Alaska, South America, Africa and Australia have created a strong demand for good quality travel rods. Since the flyfishing world has all but transitioned their rods into 3- and 4-piece models, it's high performance spinning and casting rods we've devoted a lot of attention to lately. Anglers require a lot more flexibility in their equipment these days. Rods that will handle a broad range of fishing challenges. From ultra-lite trout and crappie applications for freshwater to heavy-duty saltwater capable rods snook and tarpon fishing on saltwater flats, it's all about getting your equipment there in good shape. The best way to do that, as well as in sure they make it on time, is to carry them with you. As more and more anglers discover exotic fishing destinations, we find ourselves further and further afield. Arriving without your rods and reels is NOT an option. Time is too valuable, not to mention the expense. Most anglers would rather lose their clothing than their equipment. The last thing you want to lose on any fishing expedition is your gear. It’s systems management for the traveling sport fisher and we provide the rods to match the importance of the adventure. GLX Escape travel rods are three-piece, high performance, technical fishing rods. Each rod has specific line and lure ratings as well as the optimum line recommended, for example: the ETR84-3 MLS 10 GLX is an Escape Travel Rod, 84" in length, 3-piece configuration, Medium-Light Spin with an optimal line rating of 10-pound test. The guides on our GLX models are Nickel-Titanium RECOIL, making it virtually impossible to experience any issues with rings popping out or frames fracturing. The handles feature cork grips with fixed reel seats. Each rod comes in a handsome, protective rod sock and travel case.

SKU ITEM NAME Rod Length Line Rating Power Action Lure Weight PRICE QTY
228189 G. Loomis Escape Travel ETR75-3 ULS 4 Spinning Rod 6'3" 2-6 lb. Ultra-Light Medium Fast 1/32-1/4oz. $309.99
228194 G. Loomis Escape Travel ETR84-3 LS 6 Spinning Rod 7' 4-8 lb. Light Fast 1/16-5/16oz. $319.99
228196 G. Loomis Escape Travel ETR84-3 MLS 10 Spinning Rod 7' 6-12 lb. Medium Light Fast 1/4-1/2oz. $329.99
228197 G. Loomis Escape Travel ETR84-3 MS 12 Spinning Rod 7' 10-17 lb. Medium Fast 1/4-5/8oz. $334.99
228198 G. Loomis Escape Travel ETR90-3 MS 12 Spinning Rod 7'6" 8-15 lb. Medium Extra Fast 1/4-5/8oz. $339.99
228193 G. Loomis Escape Travel ETR81-3 MHS 15 Spinning Rod 6'9" 12-20 lb. Medium Heavy Extra Fast 3/8-1oz. $354.99
228191 G. Loomis Escape Travel ETR81-3 HS 20 Spinning Rod 6'9" 15-30 lb. Heavy Fast 1/2-2oz. $374.99
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G. Loomis Escape Travel Spinning Rods
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