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Island Slipper Mokulua Moku Sandal
Island Slipper Mokulua Moku Sandal
Island Slipper Mokulua Moku Sandal

Island Slipper Mokulua Moku Sandal

Out With The Old - In the 1980's, John Carpenter re-invented the slipper with Island Pro. He began from scratch. "Barefoot in the sand is about as good as it gets," he says, "and that was part of the inspiration. The sole was designed so that the ball and heel were on the same level. Arch supports are useless if your foot doesn’t stay put so I designed the sole with a raised outside contour to counteract the inside raised arch. This way the foot stays centered in the foot bed." The foundation of the new design was the outsole. Molded in rubber, the arch support, heel cut and outside contour were incorporated into a single piece. As the soft inner shoe layers compressed with wear, foot support actually increased due to the firm rubber contour.

In With The New - As Island Slipper celebrates their 70th anniversary in 2016, they are excited to announce a new product: the Mokulua slipper.

In John's hometown of Kailua, there are two islands called Nā Mokulua off the coast of Lanikai Beach. These twin islands are seen during John's daily beach walks and inspired the design of this new slipper.

Comfortable, Flexible and Durable - The Mokulua slipper stays true to the original design of Island Pro with a natural fit.
The arch support and zero-drop heel remain. The Mokulua slipper is made of light weight and flexible polyurethane instead of rubber. This new material continues to provide the comfort and support that Island Pro fans are accustomed to. Mokulua test riders jokingly called this slipper the anti-flip flop because the insole's micro-grooved pattern gently suctions to the foot and flexes with each step instead of flopping around.

Earth Conscious - The Mokulua islands are a state protected Seabird Sanctuary. The islets around our main Hawaiian islands are important to preserve the seabirds, Hawaiian Monk seals, migrating shorebirds, and native coastal vegetation that once prevailed on every Hawaiian coast. There is a beach on Moku Nui that is open to those that wish to paddle or swim there but the rest of the island remains untouched. The Mokulua slipper is designed to minimize waste with island preservation in mind. This new design has less than 1% waste and reduces the chemical exposure to our craftsmen by 95%.

Enjoy Mokulua slippers on the boat, off the boat, in the sand, and about town. The Island Slipper Mokulua Moku Sandal features a selection of solid suede thong straps that are overlaid with nylon prints. Exceptional comfort comes from the uniquely flexible insole that features shock-absorbing micro-grooves, arch support and a zero-drop heel cup. The Kapa Tread outsole makes this an all terrain favorite, perfect for wet and dry surfaces. Hand Made in Hawaii USA.

926050 Island Slipper Mokulua Moku Sandal Jarhead Camo
926051 Island Slipper Mokulua Moku Sandal Blue Camo
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Island Slipper Mokulua Moku Sandal Island Slipper Mokulua Moku Sandal Island Slipper Mokulua Moku Sandal Island Slipper Mokulua Moku Sandal
Island Slipper Mokulua Moku Sandal
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