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Jinkai Monofilament Leader

Jinkai Monofilament Leader

Jinkai Monofilament Leader is constructed using the highest quality, dependable leader materials available today. By offering anglers a small diameter and low stretch leader material, Jinkai has become one of the most popular leader materials among big game anglers. Combining excellent abrasion resistance with powerful tensile and knot strength, Jinkai should be your top choice for a no-nonsense, long lasting leader material. The most versatile leader on the market, Jinkai leader is suitable for virtually every saltwater fishing application including live baiting, trolling, and chunking. Available in Clear and Smoke Blue.

Jinkai Monofilament Leader - 100 yds. Spools
SKU Pound Test Crimp Size Diameter Line Color PRICE QTY
622000 100 lb. M-LL .90mm $12.99
622001 150 lb. M-L 1.17mm $19.99
622002 200 lb. G 1.33mm $21.99
622003 250 lb. F 1.47mm $24.99
622004 300 lb. F 1.56mm $29.99
622005 400 lb. E 1.81mm $34.99
622006 500 lb. D 2.00mm $44.99
622007 600 lb. C 2.25mm $47.99
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Jinkai Monofilament Leader
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