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Legend Lures Generation II Pro-Range Krakatoa

Legend Lures Generation II Pro-Range Krakatoa

The Krakatoa head is deeply cupped and the four jet-holes are at right-angles to the head to maximise noise and air flow. The towing point is fixed and stands proud of the the cup to ensure even and smooth actions at all speeds. From Miami to Australia, and from Fuji to Madeira, the Krakatoa is a lure that is here to stay and we anticipate that it will become one of the truly great big-game lures of all time.

*Click on the magnifying glass icon for skirt options.

SKU ITEM NAME Lure Color Dimensions Outer Skirt Inner Skirt PRICE QTY
201295 Krakatoa - 12 Black Head 1" x 10"
Lure Rigging: 
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Legend Lures Generation II Pro-Range Krakatoa
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