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Moldcraft Fish Fender Teasers

Moldcraft Fish Fender Teasers

The Moldcraft Fish Fender Teaser is the ultimate big soft Teaser. Offering anglers a highly effective fish attracting device used either alone or when combined with a surface Teaser. "The Fender" works at trolling speeds between 3-10+ knots, swimming with an erratic action that takes it deep, below 10 ft. and sends it side to side imitating an aggressive live bait. Sold as shown. The Fish Fender is rigged with 600lb. monofilament leader with lead weight attached underneath the forward lip to start the great swimming action and is fine tuned for "MAX ALLURE", utilizing super tough vinyl paint and a Super Sparkle clear coat finish.

*It is imperative to secure this teaser to a cleat with floating polypro line.

SKU ITEM NAME Length Diameter (in.) Lure Color PRICE QTY
860041 Moldcraft Lil' Fish Fender Teaser 11" 3.5 in.
860141 Moldcraft Giant Fish Fender Teaser 20" 5.5 in.
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Moldcraft Fish Fender Teasers
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