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Momoi Top Shot

Momoi Top Shot

Since the popularity of the new ultra-thin Spectra braided lines has grown, offshore fishermen have been able to greatly increase their favorite reels capacity. Many have found that if they leave a little braid off and top up their reels with monofilament, they are able to take advantage of the features that each has to offer. Not only do you keep the higher capacity and the non-stretch features of braid for better hooksets but you gain the low visibility, shock absorbing, abrasion resistance and handling characteristics of mono. On top of the added fish catching abilities of this combination, there is quite a cost savings when adding the mono. Just change out a Top Shot after a good fish or when it shows signs of wear and leave the expensive braid on for a couple years or more. Keeping three or four spools of different breaking strength Momoi Top Shot on board makes it simple to easily change your line to your targeted species.

SKU ITEM NAME Pound Test Line Color Spool Length Diameter Diameter (in.) PRICE QTY
898743 Momoi Top Shot 50 lb. Smoke Blue 100 yd. 0.70mm .028 in. $32.99
898744 Momoi Top Shot 60 lb. Smoke Blue 100 yd. 0.75mm .030 in. $32.99
898745 Momoi Top Shot 80 lb. Smoke Blue 100 yd. 0.85mm .033 in. $35.99
898746 Momoi Top Shot 100 lb. Smoke Blue 100 yd. 0.95mm .037 in. $37.99
898747 Momoi Top Shot 130 lb. Smoke Blue 100 yd. 1.20mm .047 in. $43.99
898748 Momoi Top Shot 150 lb. Smoke Blue 100 yd. 1.28mm .050 in. $41.99
898749 Momoi Top Shot 200 lb. Smoke Blue 100 yd. 1.40mm .055 in. $44.99
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Momoi Top Shot
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