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OceanLED Flush Mount Underwater Lights

OceanLED Flush Mount Underwater Lights

The Flush Mount from OceanLED has an exceptionally low profile giving it virtually unlimited Hull Mounting options. This light can be retro-fitted into most existing underwater lighting hole cut outs, offering immediate benefits of no Startup power surge, low heat, minimal maintenance and improved light output. All lights utilize Tritonium Optical lenses, and are supplied with a quick connect system by Deutsch ensuring almost 'fool proof' installation and compliance with ABYC, E11 regulations. Available in 1520, 2010 & 3010 Series with Super White LEDs, Super Blue LEDs and the Super Green LEDs. FLUSH MOUNT 1520 is 4” diameter, 2.625” cut out diameter, 35 watt xenon comparable output, and 1.7 amp draw @ 12 volts. FLUSH MOUNT 2010 is 5” diameter, 3.25” cut out diameter, 55 watt xenon comparable output, and 4 amp draw @ 12 volts. FLUSH MOUNT 3010 is 6” diameter, 4.25” cut out diameter, 150 watt HID comparable output, and 8 amp draw @ 12 volts.

This product either has been deleted or is no longer carried by Melton Tackle
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