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Pole Cam Kit

Pole Cam Kit

Pole camera with Shurhold alloy telescopic pole, Click lock removable adjustable camera head. Cnc brass housings with custom ultra hi-res camera and lens. 70m (230 ft.) of reinforced cable, Handy wind up storage reel. Capture stunning unmatched vivid colour underwater vision, Backing down on the fish and the tag and release, use as hand held camera above water, prop inspections, diving, and many more uses we keep hearing about. This is the vision, until recently, only the pros could get, now you can add this unique heart pumping vision easily yourself. Simple plug and play format.

*Another option for smaller boats is the 30m (100 ft.) cable polecam model, please call for details: (800) 372-3474.

*We recommend the Pioneer 560 HD DVR (Multi-system) for each Cam. Item sold separately. Please note: records one camera per DVR at a time. For more information please call: (800) 372-3474.

659501 Pole Cam Kit - NTSC $2499.99
Hi-Gain Mic Option: 
659508 Pole Cam Kit - PAL $2899.99
Hi-Gain Mic Option: 
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Pole Cam Kit
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