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Aloha Super Ninja

Aloha Super Ninja

Offering anglers the Super Ninja series from Aloha Lures. Unique oval-shaped head is weighted and mirrorred, creating a "black smoke" effect when trolled, similar to jetted lures. The Aloha Super Ninja is certain to be a lure you'll want to add to your spread for large Yellowfin and Blues! Skirted, the Super Ninja is 10" long and weighs 7oz. This lure works excellent when ran in short rigger, long rigger, and shotgun positions. Best rigged with 10/0 hook.

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  Aloha Lure get Second place Blue
Submitted by Jack F. from Mobile, Alabama on 10/21/10
Certified member, Verified buyer
Great Lure. Fished in on our long line on 30lb test and this blue marlin took it for 45 minutes. Got second place with this lure. The next day we caught 3 yellow fin tunas on the blue aloha lure on the out rigger. It is a must have lure in your spread. Tight Lines to All.
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