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Avet MX Magic Cast Reels

Avet MX Magic Cast Reels

The Avet JX Magic Cast Series Reels feature the MC (magnetic) cast control which allows for control of spool speed for more manageable casts in varying conditions. The Magic Cast patent pending design also provides a tight firm line and prevents from backlash.

For years, anglers have been practically begging for a high speed, 2-speed, lever-drag reel in the 20 lb. class. The release of the Avet MX 2-Speed Reel made this a reality. With a blazing fast 6.3:1 high gear ratio, the capacity to pull 10 lbs of drag at strike (up to 16 lbs at "sunset"), Avet's carbon-fiber and stainless drag system, and a weight of only 18.2 oz., this reel has revolutionalized light tackle angling! The Avet MX Single Speed is a fantastic choice for anglers looking for a quality lever-drag reel in the 12-20 lb class! Includes rod mount clamp.

MXJ5.8:1 Magic Cast Single Speed is a great live bait reel with lots of power in a small package. It's small lightweight AND strong! A fantastic reel for use with 30 lb. test with live bait for Tuna, or, reef fishing, small Snapper, and Tarpon.

MXJ6/4 Magic Cast is the Two Speed version of the MXJ5.8:1, providing high speed for quick retrieve and lower speed for a more controlled line retrieval rate.

MXL5.8:1 Magic Cast Single Speed is the wider version reel, with overall, more line capacity. This reel has the ability to use heavier line without using spectra. Great for light tackle and live bait for Marlin.

MXL6/4 Magic Cast is the Two Speed version of the MXL5.8:1, providing the low gear to assist angler when landing that big fish!

Product reviews

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  Great Reel for hunting Big Fish!!
Submitted by Charlie from TX, US on 03/05/12
Certified member, Verified buyer
I have the Avet MXL MC paired with the Okuma Cedros Med Jig rod loaded with 65lb braid 40lb flouro leader and 8" 50lb tieable steel Tyger leader tippet gamakatsu 6/0 big eye hook free lining 8"-10" live mullet for Grouper. The grouper were taking the mullet whole and diving strait to the bottom. Lost a couple initially with out the leader, after tieing on the leader it did not matter where they went or how hard they pulled to get away. The rod easily handled the load and the Avet took care of the rest powering them up with every turn of the handle. Avet, by far, is one of the best compact conventianal reels I have used and will always have a place in my arsenal of equipment.
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