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Daiwa Tanacom Power Assist Reels

Daiwa Tanacom Power Assist Reels

We’re proud to introduce the new Tanacom Power Assist reels. It joins the Tanacom family of deep drop and kite fishing reels with features to make power assist fishing easier than ever. Connect the battery and lower your lure to the water’s surface. Then press the reset button to zero the display and you’re ready to start fishing, with the reel automatically measuring line let out. Then advance the Power Lever to rewind, the reel will automatically stop as your lure reaches the surface. It’s that simple!

Tanacom 750 Reel Features:
• Same Power as TB750
• Momentary Winding Power of 141.1 lb.
• Max Winding Power of 19.8 lb.
• English Version LCD
• 2.3:1 Gear ratio
• Watertight Electronic Components
• Maximum Drag of 48 pounds
• Braid Line Capacity: 80lb/550 yds, 100lb/440yds
• 4 Ball Bearings

Tanacom 1000 Reel Features:
• New LCD display reads out in English for easier programming
• Oversize line guide aperture to clear large knots and kite swivels
• Automatic stop and jigging features
• Variable-speed Power Lever control
• Line counter and depth memory
• Sealed electronics package
• Manual winding option
• Washable design
• 12 Volt system (12-16.8 V)
• Sealed drag system

Grouper to halibut, snapper to tile fish, kite fishing too! The versatile Tanacom makes deep drop fishing easier for anyone. Fight ‘em on the handle and let the power assist do the drudgery of retrieving heavy sinkers from the depths when it’s time to check your bait.

Product reviews

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  Best reel I will ever use
Submitted by Michael c from Delaware on 06/24/15
When we used to deep drop we had to hand crank a lot of line up to get the fish but now that we have these electric reels they are the best and they are a affordable for any one. I recomend these to all of my friends i say you have 600.00in your pocket then go down and pick your self up one of these baby's I use them and I catch bigger fish and get them up and drop back down a lot faster
  Operating Manual
Submitted by Cutrone from Islamorada Florida on 02/15/14
Where do I find the operating manual ?
What I found on the web site did not address the operation only maintenance
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