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Escape-Proof Snap Swivels

Escape-Proof Snap Swivels

HI-CATCH Ball Bearing Escape-Proof Snap Swivels are constructed using a unique patented Escape-Proof Snap and an advanced ball bearing design that allows independent movement on both welded rings. Improved freedom prevents line twist, guarantees smooth rotation and boasts one-handed operation.

Product reviews

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Submitted by Johhny from Mount Maunganui N.Z. on 02/24/12
Certified member, Verified buyer
Escape Proof...yeah right..! I also lost my favorite lure setting it out. These work fine if you can keep constant pressure on them and never have slack line.... otherwise they are prone to open up. Just hook up on the fish of a lifetime and you will be packing yourself if you use these. Much better options out there like D-shackles.
  Mixed Quality
Submitted by Missouri Wayne from St Louis on 06/15/11
Certified member, Verified buyer
Purchased 150 pound product for use for muskie fishing. Found the "snap" was too small to go over split rings and heavy wire on large spinners. Snap design was good and the two parts of the snap locked into each other would not accidentally open. Returned them for 300 pound item and found the snaps did not lock into each other and if you hung up a lure and tried to get it loose you might easily loose a lure. If the 150 pound design was enlarged, it would make a good product.
  Good Swivels
Submitted by Steve from Oz on 08/10/10
Certified member, Verified buyer
Used these swivels on two 4 day trips on great barrier reef chasing marlin. The boat landed 5 good fish 2 over 500lb just need to pay attention when putting baits in the water... didn't lose ANY rigs
  Watch out
Submitted by PJM from Boston, MA on 07/06/10
Certified member, Verified buyer
Very dangerous, these snap swivels come from the factory very lose and can open easily. I lost two expensive rigs just setting them out to troll, never again! Some people are taping them or crimping them down with pliers. Why would anyone want a snap swivel that you need to do this to?
  Do not buy!!!
Submitted by Drew from Fishing the world on 03/02/09
Verified buyer
They open way too easy. As soon as there is slack in the line they pop open. I lost 2 nice trolling lures and a bottom fishing rig to these. The old school swivel works just fine stick with it.
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