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Grundens Gage Deck Knife

Grundens Gage Deck Knife

The Grundens Gage Deck Knife features a sheath with a belt clip and a secure clamp so it can be worn in a variety of ways including fastened to the suspenders of bib pants or waders. To keep the knife secure in the sheath when it is worn upside down, Grundens has added two rare earth magnets that grab and hold the blade with the right balance for easy withdrawal from the sheath and security while in the sheath. Then they put the fisherman’s most popular serration on a thin 440 stainless blade and gave it a bigger, easy to hold ergonomic handle to produce what we think will be the best affordable knife for the professional fisherman and avid outdoors man.

Product reviews

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  Great Knife, Lousy sheath
Submitted by Del H. from East coast central Florida on 04/29/14
I purchased the Gage deck knife/sheath and the elastic logo knife belt. Knife felt great and was very sharp, the magnets were a nice touch. One the very first fishing trip we were coming up on the spot to start trolling and I was rigging bait and reached for the knife and to my surprise it was completely vanished from the elastic belt. Never got to use it. It had slipped itself from the belt silently and easily without detection and ended up somewhere in the Gulf Stream. Belt clip is not to be trusted, otherwise it seemed to be an excellent product.
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