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Pakula Dojo Peche Destroyers

Pakula Dojo Peche Destroyers

Pakula Dojo Peche Destroyers are designed for maximum performance between 5 and 15 knots. They will certainly work at faster speeds in calm conditions. When used in a standard trolling situation the Destroyers are ideal for short positions such as short corner, and shotgun positions. When used as a casting lure the Destroyers are ideal for medium and fast retrieves.

6.5" is Pre rigged with 7ft/2.1mtr 150lb/68kg leader and 20mm Dojo Hook.

8" is Pre rigged with 10ft/3mtr 200lb/90kg leader and 25mm Dojo Hook.

10" is Pre rigged with 14ft/4.2mtr 200lb/90kg leader and 30mm Dojo Hook.

12" is Pre rigged with 17ft/5.1mtr 400lb/180kg leader and 35mm Dojo Hook.

*Click on the magnifying glass icon for lure color options.

Product reviews

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  Pakula Destroyer destroys pelagics
Submitted by Capt. Matt from SC on 03/14/13
Runs great on the short and long corner. A very untraditional lure that has had been crushed time and time again by big dolphin. Tuna and wahoo also been destroyed by it. Re-rigging the lure can be very difficult becuase of the custom short hook(dojo) and the locking mechanism that holds the hook in place. A couple of wahoo hits and the lure is shredded and will not run right. - only downfall
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