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Shimano Calcutta D Reels

Shimano Calcutta D Reels

Shimano Calcutta D Reels were built with one goal - to be the ultimate precision round baitcasting reel on the market. This is a total revamp for the Calcutta series. Smaller and more compact than its predecessors, Shimano Calcutta D Reels feature extremely powerful Xship gearing and Xdrag drag system.

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  Precision Casting, Power and Salt Water Durable
Submitted by RichN from Van Nuys, CA....USA on 08/16/15
Verified buyer
If you have any casting ability......if you only make minor technique mistakes during your cast this reel corrects the spool speed and somehow magically adjusts to your weaknesss........the line curve is perfect every time as even light baits or lures drop into the can get better faster with this reel because of less spool problems, bird's nests etc....Shimano doesn't say anything about the weigting etc of the spool and you cannot adjust it like past versions of this series.......this alone makes them worth the money....I'm looking way better than my capabilities. Great Gearinga and can power up with the power pro with a leader feel everything and you can put the wood to the fish when it's time.......get em up and out of the kelp. Lastly, two years now.......i've looked corrosion at all and they have been used dozens of times per year .........cleaned once by Shimano as recommended. worth the $$ you have to lay out for this reel.
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