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Rupp Marine Tournament Ruppriggers

Rupp Marine Tournament Ruppriggers

Rupp Marine's flagship product. These are the finest outriggers made today! Ruppriggers are the outrigger of choice for those who demand the very best. Designed for larger sportfishers, Tournament Ruppriggers are recommended for boats 30' and larger. These riggers come complete with bases and your choice of poles, in single, double, triple, or quadruple spreaders. It's no coincidence that many of the world's top sportfishing machines feature Rupp Outriggers. Factory supplied packages...we can assist in replacing your existing outriggers with a new set custom configured for your exact year, model, and make of boat. We have access to a huge database of previous installations and can recommend the EXACT package that Rupp and your boat manufacturer would have selected. Call or email today for a quote from the leaders in Rupp Outrigger sales. We can assist you in the proper Outrigger selection for any vessel, worldwide delivery, and installation.

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956201 Rupp Marine Tournament Rupprigger (Pair) Single Spreader 27' to 33' $4499.99
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956202 Rupp Marine Tournament Rupprigger (Pair) Double Spreader 28' to 34' $5599.99
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956203 Rupp Marine Tournament Rupprigger (Pair) Triple Spreader 35' to 41' $6999.99
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Rupp Marine Tournament Ruppriggers
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