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Seeker OSP Offshore Pro Rods

Seeker OSP Offshore Pro Rods

The ultimate rail rod has arrived. Built as 7’3” versions of our popular 1×3 and 2×4 rail rods, as well as two other favorites, the 6463XXXH (3X) and the 6463XXXXH (4X). The rods were introduced last year with a slightly different build. The new evolution is based upon input from the long range fishing community. We stretched the fore grip and covered it fully with 18” of 3M Cold Shrink. The guides are Fuji BHBNG and the blank is painted gloss black. Triple wrapped in black, the rods are completely “murdered” out except for the Seeker logo and the iridescent “OSP” decal. This rod is built for the serious tuna fishermen who want to put the hurtin' on big fish.

The Garza Theory (Tony Garza Veteran Long Range Angler Seeker Pro Staff) – Your Fishing Rod and Optimum Drag Pressure:

Fishing rods are designed so that the bend in the rod lifts the fish. When choosing a rod for stand-up fishing, line rating should be used only as general guide. The most important consideration when selecting your fishing rod is the amount of drag pressure you intend to fish with; a rod rated for 100 pound line will only be effective at lifting the fish if used with the proper amount of drag pressure. One angler may be using 35 pounds of drag while another angler may only be capable of using 20 pounds of drag on the same size line. They should not be using the same rod. Without the proper bend in the rod, the fish is winning the battle. Choose the rod that suits your drag. Optimum drag settings for you chosen rod is information that will greatly aid in you.

SKU ITEM NAME Rod Length Line Rating PRICE QTY
201671 Seeker OSP 1X3 Offshore Pro Rod 7'3" 60-100 lb. $469.99
201669 Seeker OSP 2X4 Offshore Pro Rod 7'3" 80-130 lb. $499.99
201670 Seeker OSP 3X Offshore Pro Rod 7'3" 100-150 lb. $509.99
201672 Seeker OSP 4X Offshore Pro Rod 7'3" 100-200 lb. $519.99
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Seeker OSP Offshore Pro Rods
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