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Shimano Torsa Cams

Shimano Torsa Cams

The amount of drag that is increased or decreased when the drag lever is moved can be easily described as the “drag curve.” Most drag curves throughout the fishing reel industry are very similar: a gradual increase in drag pressure from the freespool position to the full position. While a standard curve is excellent for many mainstream fisheries, the shape of the curve is not adjustable. Therefore, in order to “fish outside of the box,” such as with light lines or to target specific fish, anglers were forced to evolve their techniques and style around the tackle available to them. No longer. With the new Rapid Fire Quick Change Drag Cam System found exclusively on Torsa, this versatile reel can change to cater to specific techniques. By simply putting the reel into freespool and backing off the preset knob, the angler removes the drag cam from the reel. Then, by inserting one of 8 available Rapid Fire drag cams, you completely change how the reel is set up to fish within a matter of seconds. No tools required, and no screws to fall onto the deck of the boat. There are 8 different drag curves and specific fisheries they are applicable to.

SKU ITEM NAME Pound Test Model Primary Application PRICE QTY
226983 12 lb. Light Line Special 12 - 15 lb. RF-LLS12 Light line tournaments $49.99
226986 Chunk Fishing Special 15 - 40 lb. RF-CFS Atlantic Tuna with chunk baits $49.99
226987 White Marlin Special 20 - 30 lb. RF-WMS Atlantic White Marlin $49.99
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Shimano Torsa Cams
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