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Stingo OXG Star Jig

Three various sizes of the Stingo OXG Star Jigs
Three various sizes of the Stingo OXG Star Jigs
Dimensional view of Stingo OXG Star Jigs
Stingo OXG Star Jig with lure pouch
The OXG Star Jig is the new on the Stingofish block. It's designed for more of the advanced jig strokes that are becoming popular. Sharp edges reduce drag on the upstroke for effortless jigging all day, Back-weighted to better suit the new jigging styles, Not bent, but counter-weighted to generate flutter, Out of the box, ready to fish with assist hook and assist style swivel.

Tip: OXG Star is more of a speed jig and a vertical jig. While it can be Yo-Yo'ed, this is not it's strongest technique. It is best worked with small to large circles of the rod tip, as you reel in the slack on the down stroke.
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