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Surf Fishing: The Light Line Revolution

Surf Fishing: The Light Line Revolution

Surf Fishing: The Light Line Revolution is the most complete reference on finding, baiting and catching local surf fish. Pick up this book and come join us for an on-the-beach seminar designed to teach you how to catch fish in the surf.

About the author: Fishing the Southern California beaches has always been a passion for me. Growing up in the South Bay gave me a lot of chances to surf fish as a kid,but a lot has changed with fishing equipment and technique since then. In the past, we used much heavier equipment and tossed the bait as far from shore as possible. Today, we fish with ultra light gear and catch some of the largest surf fish just feet from the sand. This light line technique combined with a variety of fresh, frozen and imitation baits is guaranteed to catch you fish! In my book you'll learn everything you need to know to be a great surf fisherman, including tips on catching bait, rigging equipment and finding where the fish are. From start to finish, the dozens of pictures and illustrations cover all aspects of inshore surf fishing. I'd like to thank everyone who has encouraged me to write this book and also my friends who gave me so much inside information and secrets that I'm still hiding from them!

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