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TrollPro3 Underwater Housing Kit

TrollPro3 Underwater Housing Kit

TrollPro3 Underwater Housing - WHAT'S NEW? Easy camera mount, IMPROVED fit-all HD Hero, Bonded Keel, Stealth blue color, and "Mackerel wrap" pattern! Expand the versatility of your GoPro camera to produce stunning, professional quality, underwater video recording of your trolling spread and fishing action. The TrollPro3 Underwater Housing is designed to support the line of GoPro HD Hero cameras, rapidly gaining popularity with boaters and sports fishermen as one of the most affordable, high performance, high definition “point-of-view” video cameras with a waterproof housing. The hydrodynamic design and keel weighting of the TrollPro3 housing provides a highly stable platform at trolling speeds for clear, wide field of view video recording on the camera’s removable data card. The TrollPro3 trolling housing enables you to use your GoPro HD Hero, HD Hero2, and HD Hero3, with or without extended battery/LCD backs installed, to produce high definition, professional-quality underwater video recordings of your lures, baits and fishing action behind and below the boat, adding a whole new dimension to your fishing excursions.

The TrollPro3 comes with a 32 oz. lead cigar weight that puts the enclosure about 4-5 feet underwater, in perfect position to capture scenes above and below. In rougher conditions, more weight is recommended. Pull the enclosure with a tow cable or even better, a teaser rod/reel to allow more precise positioning. Make sure the enclosure is pulled in clean water, outside of the prop wash if possible.

*Please note: The TrollPro3 Underwating Housing is a dive housing unit.

TrollPro3 Dredge Pro Underwater Housing - Obviously Dredge Teasers can be an effective way to attract a wide variety of visitors including other bait fish, small predators and large game fish. Because of this the Dredge is a perfect place to capture the excitement underwater with TrollPro or our new DredgePro model. DredgePro is designed to let you quickly interchange most models of 6-arm dredge rigs to securely mount your HD Hero camera to the trailing tier. You use your own favorite Dredge Teaser, not stuck with a permanent one stuck in a clunky lead cap. Change out your 6-arm dredge teaser quickly and securely. DredgePro’s innovative rotational coupling lets your Dredge Teaser turn naturally in the spread while your camera stays oriented to the horizon. No more fussing with upside down or sideways video from some other camera rigs. Save hours of post production editing to turn your videos around. DredgePro provides a perfect addition to your other TrollPro housings in the spread when you use a Teaser Dredge to capture the tease, the dropback and the hook-up!

This product either has been deleted or is no longer carried by Melton Tackle
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