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Yummee Mini Flyer
Yummee Mini Flyer
Yummee Mini Flyer

Yummee Mini Flyer

The Yummee Mini Flyer 4 Inch Flying fish is one of the most effective Dolphin (Mahi-Mahi) fishing lures ever made. This is a very versatile lure. Tie one on spinning tackle and cast and retrieve near weed lines for explosive top water action from Dolphin-Mahi Mahi! It is also a top choice for Tuna fisherman across the oceans. Don't let its small size fool you; our Mini Flyer catches Giant fish! It is also our most economically priced flying fish lure and is an excellent choice to rig in chains or on spreader bars. Its small size makes it the perfect fishing lure to rig in front of other trolling lures creating the illusion of the chase lure pursuing our panicked flying fish lures. This drives Tuna, Dolphin, Sailfish and Marlin nuts! This is a rigging method that has won many tournaments.

There are times when big Tuna and Dolphin are focused on eating small bait; when that happens, this is your fishing lure of choice! Many professionals rig up large numbers of these fishing lures into chains or spreader bars to simulate bait schools. Our Minis are also the ultimate casting lure for Dolphin, Tuna and or other surface feeding fish. Simply pull up to the weed line, cast, retrieve and hang on! The strikes are spectacular making this one of the most fun fishing lures you will ever fish. The Mini Yummee Flying Fish is made of durable yet soft plastic which gives striking fish a natural yummy feel and taste so they hang on to the lure longer.

538104 Yummee Mini Flyer 4" Blue/Silver
538105 Yummee Mini Flyer 4" Blue/Crystal
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Yummee Mini Flyer
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